Embrace You Weight & Wellness

This year, empower your healthy lifestyle with EMBRACE YOU WEIGHT & WELLNESS WORKSHOPS!

Our culturally tailored Embrace You Weight & Wellness Workshops is a grant-funded program designed to target obesity in the Black community with solutions, not statistics. Through new mindsets, training, and practical strategies we shift the focus from the scale to your overall wellness.

Our workshops are designed to help you heal your relationship with food and exercise and create personalized goals with a strategy that fits your life so you can live lighter in Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Our live sessions have ended, but you can still access the recordings until the end of June 2024! Register to get access to the course materials.


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These workshops are offered at no monetary cost to participants. Our live sessions have ended, but you can still access the recordings until the end of June 2024! The requirements to access course materials are:

  • Must live in Montgomery County, MD
  • Be enrolled in BPHN. Join¬†here.¬†
  • Access to a computer or tablet.¬†
  • Ability to complete short surveys to help us improve session content.

Prizes are no longer available for the 2024 sessions, but get a jump start on your goals and get on our list for our next live cycle, which starts early 2025! :)

2023 Recap (2024 Coming Soon!)

Who Qualifies for the Embrace You Weight & Wellness Workshop Series?

People who reside in Montgomery County, MD and enrolled in BPHN (Black Physicians Health Network). Your health provider may have recommended you for the program. If you are not currently registered with BPHN, you can do so here. 

Why Join Our Workshop Series?

Sustainable Change

You can make one change a day to a better lifestyle. You'll learn the latest info on lasting weight loss & wellness.



Designed specifically for people of color's lifestyle needs. Connect with BPHN resources and more.


Get Expert Support

You are not alone. Get the support you need to start a healthy lifestyle and overcome weight-related challenges.


Embrace You Weight & 

Wellness Workshop Series

During the program, there were four virtual sessions for participants attend. These education and transformation sessions contain valuable tips to enhance your health and review your goals to help you stay on track.

The session recordings have been uploaded to the course and are accessible to new registrants until 6/30/2024!


Share With Your Friends!

Do you have a friend or loved one in Montgomery County who could use a program like the Embrace You Weight & Wellness Workshop Series? Are you a physician and would like to share this program with one or more of your patients? Download the flyer below.

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